SB Pro 90 Fireproof Safe (70 Binders)

SB Pro 80 caixa forta ignífuga (50 arxivadors) - tancament electrònic

SB Pro 60 caixa forta ignífuga (50 arxivadors) - tancament electrònic

SB Pro és una caixa forta ignífuga i amb alt nivell de seguretat contra robatoris.

Permet emmagatzemar amb plena seguretat documents o altres articles de valor. Ideal per cases particulars, empreses o oficines.

La caixa ha estat construïda amb doble paret usant materials aïllants per poder resistir altes temperatures, la qual cosa aporta més seguretat al contingut emmagatzemat.

Es pot fixar a la paret o sòl, els cargols vénen inclosos.

Disponible amb tancament electrònic.

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How To Bolt the Safe
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  • Atèrmic -no certificat- que protegeix d'altes temperatures durant uns minuts.

More Information
ProducteSB Pro 60 caixa forta ignífuga (50 arxivadors) - tancament electrònic
ModelSB Pro 60 - Elektronisk Kodelås
SèrieSB Pro - Caixa forta atèrmica en què emmagatzemar documents o altres objectes de valor per protegir contra incendi i accés de persones no autoritzades en cas de robatori. Construïdes amb doble paret d'acer. Disposa de pany de clau o tancament electrò
ColorGris grafit (RAL 7024) / Gris lluminós (RAL 7035). Opcional - Altres colors + 15%
Lliurament1-3 dies laborables
Tipus de caixa fortaAutònoma o de sobreposar
Recomanat perDocuments, Medicaments, Objectes de valor
Pes (kg)132
Grau de seguretatSense homologació
Resistència al focAtèrmic
Fire ClassificationAtèrmic: inclou una capa anti-foc que protegeix el contingut de la caixa davant temperatures altes durant els primers minuts d'un incendi. No és una certificació homologada.
Certificació - ignífugDIN 4102 Noncombustible Materiale
PanyPany electronic
Tipus de panyM-Locks EM2020 / BR5010 - 1 administrador i 1 codi d'usuari - Time Delay 1-99 min - Certificat segons VdS-Klasse 2, A 1300-B, IMP, ECB-S, SBSC
Tipus de pila i obertura d'emergència9 V, Les piles poden reemplaçar des de l'exterior
Nombre de prestatges4 prestatges ajustables
Volum (litres)688
Capacitat - Arxivadors50
Alçada - Exterior (mm)1900
Amplada - Exterior (mm)950
Profunditat - Exterior (mm)550
Profunditat incl. mànec (mm)612 
Alçada - Interior (mm)1.840 
Amplada - Interior (mm)880 
Profunditat - Interior (mm)425 
Obertura de porta - alçada1800
Obertura de porta - amplada850
Angle d'obertura de la porta180 Graus - Frontisses Externes
Estructura de bulonsEn 3 costats (Ø 25 mm)
Posició de les frontissesDreta
Construcció de la portaDoble capa d'acer
Construcció del cosDoble paret d'acer
AncoratgeSòl, Paret
Perns inclosos1
Customer Questions
Safe locks: All you need to know

Find below the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding security, battery and other concerns of Safe Locks.

Cerraduras de cajas fuertes: Todo lo que necesitas saber

Encuentre debajo las preguntas más frecuentes de nuestros consumidores en relación a la seguridad, batería y otros aspectos de las cerraduras de caja fuerte de nuestro catálogo.

Order & Delivery: All you need to know

SafeGear offers you a wide variety of delivery options. We find the best delivery partners and ensure fast and safe delivery. To our services belongs delivery with or without installation and standard or express delivery. The following guideline will give answers to all questions you may have.

Safe Locks: How do I change the battery on my code lock? M-Locks EM2020 / EM3520 - BR5010?

To replace the battery, open the compartment at the bottom of the keypad by sliding the plastic cover to the right.

Follow these steps to replace the battery on your safe:

1) Open the compartment at the bottom of the lock by sliding the plastic cover to the right.


2) Once the plastic cover is open, carefully remove the old battery from the input unit.

3) Disconnect the battery clip and connect it to the new battery.

4) Place the battery inside the lock and close battery cover.


Only use quality 9V batteries. The keypad BR5010 is used with code locks like EM2020 or EM3520 from M-Locks.

The keypad is used on safe series:

Lyra, Libra, Paper Star Light, Gemini Pro, SB Pro, GTA, GTB, Safegear Gun Safe, KWT, Topas PRO, Einsatzdeposit

Safe Locks: I think my keypad is faulty. How can I check this? BR 5010 (EM2020 / EM3520)

If the keypad test doesn't identify any issues, you may be typing the wrong code. The M-Locks BR 5010 create a long beep-sound if you type in the wrong code. Please keep in mind that if you are typing the wrong code four times, you will be locked out for 5 minutes. After expiration, entry of two more invalid codes restarts the 5 minute blocking period.

Follow this step-by-step process to check that your keypad works properly:

If the keypad test doesn't identify any issues, you may be typing the wrong code. The M-Locks BR 5010 creates a long bip if you type in wrong code. Please keep in mind that if you are typing the wrong code four times, you will be locked out for 5 minutes. After expiration, entry of two more invalid codes restarts the 5 minute blocking period.

Download the manual by clicking the link below:

BR 5010 test

This video also outlines the process of checking your keypad:

Safe Locks: My electronic safe lock is out of battery. How can I replace the battery?

Every safe equipped with a Code Lock has an external contact on which an external backup battery can be connected or the battery can possibly be changed from outside.

You can still access your safe in case of battery failure.

Depending on the safe lock, you can either:

1) Replace the battery externally, usually at the bottom of the keypad.

2) Connect an external battery to the keypad and open the door.

3) Some safes are delivered with an emergency key from the factory.

Safe Locks: I forgot the code to my safe. Can you help me?

For security reasons, neither Safegear nor the manufacturer of the safe lock has a master code to unlock your safe. In some cases there is an option of opening the safe with the emergency key. If there is no emergency key for your safe code lock, you may need to break open the safe to recover your valuables inside the safe, which would destroy the safe.

Safe Locks: How can I get an extra copy of the key for my safe?

You can ask a local locksmith to make a copy if you still have a key.

If you lost all your keys to your safe, it will depend on whether your door is:

1) OPEN - you can replace the entire safe lock with a new lock that will usually come with 2-3 keys.


2) LOCKED - no easy solution. A professional would have to either pick the safe lock (not easy!) or break into the safe to recover any valuables by cutting a hole or breaking the door open with a crowbar. The exact approach would depend on the security level of your safe but the safe will be destroyed and you would have to replace it.

Safe Locks: I have a EM3520 Electronic Lock from M-Locks (Deadbolt). Normally, I turn the keypad a quarter of a turn in order to open the safe. Now, I'm able to turn the keypad a quarter without inserting the code and I'm not able to open the safe. What happened?

Excessive force has been applied to the keypad, eventually making the aluminum shaft (that physically links the keypad to the lock) to twist. Because it´s twisted, the bolts will not retract with a normal rotation. You will need to unmount the keypad and replace the shaft with a new one.


Technical Support

Safe Locks: I cannot mount the keypad BR 5010 properly. Keypad cannot be attached to the door surface, what to do?

When the input unit is being changed on the safe with the lock EM3520 - that means that the input unit is turneable, the lock from the inside of the door has to be removed.

Follow the steps below:

1. Remove the cover from the back of the door.

2. Dismount the lock (4 screws in the conrners of lock)

3. Install the input unit according the manual - make sure that the cable is properly placed in the spindle.

4. Mount the lock back


6. Mount the door cover back.

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