Sirius 537 Safe (537 L) - Burglary Test Grade IV - Key Lock and Mechanical Combination Lock

Sirius is a German high quality safe series certificated in Grade IV, one of the safest burglary class.

Designed for high security storage, this safe is suitable for companies which require to store precious metals for their production, jewels or confidential documents but also for private use to protect expensive valuables or assets.

To ensure a high security standard, the door is secured by 3-sided flat bolt and additional rigid units on the hinge side.

Sirius safes come with a double-bit high security key lock and a mechanical combination lock.

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More Information
ProducteSirius 537 Safe (537 L) - Burglary Test Grade IV - Key Lock and Mechanical Combination Lock
ModelSirius 537 - Key Lock and Mechanical Combination Lock
SèrieFormat Sirius
ColorGris grafit (RAL 7024) / Gris lluminós (RAL 7035). Opcional - Altres colors + 15%
Lliurament3-4 setmanes
Tipus de caixa fortaAutònoma o de sobreposar
Recomanat perDocuments, Objectes de valor
Pes (kg)1675
Grau de seguretatGrau IV
Normativa de certificacióEN 1143-1
Centre de certificacióVdS Alemanya
Cash RatingGRAU IV
Resistència al focSense aïllament atèrmic
PanyDoble pany - Clau i mecànica
Tipus de panyTancament electrònic de doble bit (180 mm) amb combinació mecànica.
Claus incloses2
Nombre de prestatges4 prestatges ajustables
Volum (litres)537
Capacitat - Arxivadors40
Alçada - Exterior (mm)1880
Amplada - Exterior (mm)805
Profunditat - Exterior (mm)720
Profunditat incl. mànec (mm)796 
Alçada - Interior (mm)1.725 
Amplada - Interior (mm)655 
Profunditat - Interior (mm)475 
Obertura de porta - alçada1725
Obertura de porta - amplada655
Angle d'obertura de la porta180 Graus - Frontisses Externes
Estructura de bulonsEn 3 costats
Posició de les frontissesDreta

Sirius 537 Grade IV Valuables Safe (537 L) - Double Locking System

Sirius is a reinforced safe series, mainly used by offices, businesses and industries. A Sirius safe is produced and certified in Germany and is among the highest secured solution to store precious items. Thanks to its sleek design this safe fits perfectly in business offices but also in private homes.

Burglary tested in Grade IV

Sirius safes have been tested and certified in Grade IV according to the European Standard EN 1143-1 which means that they can resist to the most sophisticated burglary methods. Do you need a safe with an other certification ? See our full selection of valuables safes.

Key Facts

The external hinges ensure a 180° opening of the door in order to keep an easy access to your valuables. The door is made of 3-sided flat bolts, an additional rigid unit on the hinge side and 2 additional emergency locking devices which make it the very best secure storage solution. Sirius safe is ready prepared for floor fixing thanks to the pre-drilled holes in the base.

Lock options

The safe comes with a double-bit high security lock (1 shaft of 180mm of length with 2 bits) delivered with 2 keys and a mechanical number combination lock to ensure high-security standards.

Configuration Options

The safe’s construction fit with a connection for an alarm system in order to ensure an optimal protection. The body color is available in Graphite Grey (RAL 7024) or Light Grey (RAL 7035) Any requirement possible for an extra charge, please contact us !

Contact Us

If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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